As a small family practice, Allison Avenue Dental places its value in our patient care, treating every individual we see with respect and kindness. Our dentists and team are happy to get to know you and your family as we help you on your smile journey and are pleased to help you learn to love your smile.

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Dr Fernand Lacayanga in La Mesa California

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Dr. Fern

As a Top 50 Dentists Award Winner from the American Dentist Society, Dr. Fernand Lacayanga is known for their intuitive service and attentive care.

He works with Dr. Robert Santoro and our team to ensure our patients remain the heart of our office and is delighted to be your doctor of choice for oral health care in La Mesa, California. Let our dentist be the reason why you smile!

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Designed with you and your family in mind, our practice is filled with comfortable décor for a calming atmosphere.